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Alevere Therapy

Weight loss diet and body contouring
without surgery

Alevere foodAlevere foodAlevere

Alevere Food

A precisely designed diet plan
that works for you

Alevere weight loss programmeNon-surgical facelift treatment

Face Treatments

Non-invasive treatments to tighten,
lift and shape the face and neck
and to rejuvenate skin

Lipomassage and body contouring treatmentsLipomassage and body contouring treatments

Body Contouring

Non-invasive body treatments
to reduce unwanted bulges
and improve skin quality

Welcome to Sterling Clinics

We are a private clinic dedicated to providing the Alevere Therapy to enable you to achieve your weight loss diet goals and a range of non-invasive body contouring and face treatments to help you lose inches, contour your figure, smooth your skin and reduce the effects of ageing on your body and face.

Alevere is a fast yet safe way to lose weight under doctor control through a revolutionary diet that causes rapid weight loss and non-invasive body treatments which break down stubborn areas of fat and tighten the skin to contour your body without the need for surgery.

Our non-invasive body treatments are also available on a standalone basis to clients not on the Alevere programme who want to improve their body shape or rejuvenate their skin. And our non-invasive face treatments are available either as standalone treatments or as a complement to the Alevere Therapy to tighten, lift, shape and rejuvenate the face and neck.


Alevere Weight Loss Diet & Body Contouring

Alevere Therapy is a fast, safe way to lose a lot of weight and get a better body shape. It has been developed by doctors and there are two parts to it: the first is a diet that causes rapid weight loss and the second is body shaping treatments so you will not be left with loose skin or lumps and bumps caused by stubborn areas of fat.

Alevere - Medical Weight Loss Diet & Body Contouring

Body Contouring Treatments

The ultrasound treatment breaks down fat in the areas treated without impacting any surrounding tissue. This treatment can be used for the reduction of stubborn or excess fat and uneven contours on all parts of the body except the face and neck.

The Endermologie lipomassage treatment reduces unwanted bulges and cellulite, improves skin quality and tightens skin. The treatment is targeted onto the areas required to treat excess skin or poor skin tone / cellulite.

body contouring



ENDYMED Facial Tightening

A non-invasive face and neck treatment that uses safe and clinically proven radio frequency to tighten and firm skin, smooth wrinkles and shape facial and neck areas.  It also results in smoother skin through collagen stimulation and has a shaping handpiece for a deeper RF treatment along the jawline and under the chin to provide enhanced contouring.


Success Stories

Amanda lost 5st 6lbs in 23 weeks*

“I had tried lots of different diets over the years and was desperate to lose weight but my willpower was poor. I had seen and heard the advertisements for the Alevere clinic and decided I was going to give it a try. I knew all the success stories had to be true.”


Dawn lost 5st 1lb in 20 weeks*

“5 months ago I entered the Alevere clinic feeling the worst I ever have. After only a few weeks on the plan, I felt healthier and the weight started to fall off.”


Ian lost 6st in 23 weeks*

“I made the decision to get fit for my retirement and wanted to lose at least six stones. I found the diet and treatments at first very challenging as the regime is strict but when I started to see the pretty amazing weight loss it made me even more determined to continue.”


Isobel lost 4st 9lbs in 23 weeks*

“The clinic was extremely supportive, in fact everyone was, from my colleagues to my friends and family. Everybody who sees me can’t believe the change.”


*Please note that weight loss rates will vary from person to person